Short Story Poem: The Lost Bayou Boys

by L.A.HILL on Sep 23,2019

When they reached the wetland mud, their faces were thickly covered in sludge.. There stood in the water a white bird with old feathers. It’s face was worn and weathered, it’s eyes were sunken in and missing, it could see them just by listening. It’s countenance and movements were sharp, it peered forward and saw them in the dark.

“What were you expecting, what did you come to see?
Was it to behold what has been said about me?
For I have been sent in this vessel but with one breath,
to save your lives from impending death.”

They looked at each other and then to that old bird, it’s crust head began to turn. It’s jaws widened, beak parted ways. It’s voice alarmed, a powerful bray. And with that the torches flickered and the search partied screamed their names.

Thus was the story of the Lost Bayou Boys. All saved by one great wild noise.