Book: Wolves of Hazelwood

by Leah on Jul 08,2018

Started a new book that I am pretty excited about. It’s part of a series called, Whisper Vale Chronicles. It will be available (as I write the book) to read for free on Wattpad @silver_lark_! The book is called Wolves of Hazelwood. If you enjoy books like The Sight by David Clement-Davies then you may like this book.

My inspiration for this book is my long time love of wolves. During school I read many books and one of my favorites was The Custer Wolf Biography of an American Renegade. This book really jump-started my fascination with wolves and spurred my imagination in my youth writing. I’ve spent many years writing realistic fiction on internet forums and chat groups as well as designing and creating worlds in which they live. To continue my passion i’ve decided to combine some of my favorite story lines and characters into books. Wolves of Hazelwood is one of my first books based on one of my favorite animals.