Hello, my name is Leah and I love to write! Silver Lark RPG is host and resource to creative writing, language arts and character development. Specifically the forum roleplay/community. I have been a part of roleplay, play by post forum games since the early 2000's. When I was very young I started co-writing stories with friends about wolves in a group/guilds on a game. Since I moved on to hosted forums and eventually my own domain, previously aurial.net but since have moved to this new domain (silver-lark.com) - below are a few places I have been or created and/or co-created. I used to go by the alias Tikara/TK. If you remember me, please email me I would love to hear from you.

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As I remember the websites I list them here. Most of which are wolves, wolves are my favorite animal to write about but I do venture into other genre if very rarely. Much of my recollections on these sites are vague as it was many years ago some are well around 10 years or more. Unfortunately I have lost much if not all of my graphics, written pieces and other works due to server crashes and/or computer crashes. I hope to one day regain access to files I have on my old broken laptop as I do have a few icons and other graphics there that I would really love to see again. You can find anything that I do have left on my DA account ~ volaciousdreams.

Silver Mountain Wolves This was one of the very first roleplay websites I joined. This was my introduction to the wolf world online and I had lots of fun here. I eventually moved on to my own but returned to this website many years later to eventually own the domain and re-open the site. It was a success in its prime but nostalgic survival at its best thereafter. Like most things, once they change they are just never the same.

Morbid This was my first IPB board on invisionfree and naturally, it was a wolf RPG site. It was a very successfully site with many dedicated members and lots of history and fun there. I dont remember too much about it, but I did put a lot of time into graphics and coding as well of course, as roleplaying. My main character was Relic Reiarc.

Horse RPG At one time, I owned a realistic horse rpg site where I played as Saint (a wild paint with blue eyes), Arcadia (an all black mare) and Dice (white and black Appaloosa). I may have had more characters, I do not remember and I do not remember the exact name of the site (but you better believe it was awesome xD ) .

152ND Place I am not sure if that is the exact name but its was something similar. I used to own a street animal RPG it was dog/cat based. My friend Klaud(Klaudia) joined but that is the only person I can recall from that site. I played a pitbull named Knucklehead and a cat whom thought he was a dog his name was DEE-O-G (what DOG sounds like if you spell it out) he was very funny.

Whisper Vale Whispervale was re-invented about two times if I remember correct. The first time was unfortunately cut too short for its time it was on IPB board with a lovely layout but a dark theme of black and usually bright colors. This was a realistic wolf rpg site that did not get anywhere and I cannot remember why I did not do anything with it.

Canidae Digitigrade A small short lived wolf rpg.

Stale Souls Old wolf RPG

Eventh Rour A fantasy based wolf RPG

Kijini Kijini was a very successful and fun African animal RPG. Primarily lions, but had groups of hyenas and wild dogs which I think made it all that more fun to write. My main characters were mostly lions known by their family name Sinclair.

Whisper Vale (2) The second re-invention of Whisper Vale was quite a success. Instead of a classic forum setup the forums were a map with clickable territory areas where you could further explore. Lots of friends and history here as well. (:

Wilderlands Wilderlands was a spin off of whisper-vale after the server crashed and we lost everything. It was a different design unlike any other RPG forum and instead of forums straight down stacked, I had forums in a grid, about three or four across and then they continued down. It was very unique and inspired an array of similar styled forums which is a common style you see today.

Blackstone My final and last RPG site that I opened before issues with my host. This was a very fun successful website with good memories and friends. A simple realistic based wolf roleplay set in a national park preserve. You can find most of my graphics for the website on my DA.

Sites I have played on

These are websites that I can remember that I have joined before.

Silver Mountain Wolves (As previously mentioned)

Wild Wolf Society (WWS) Much fun, I wasn't a very dedicated member but I came and went from time to time. This was the most fun at the dawn of its prime, it switched hands many times and now appears to be recreated in a sense (maybe just a similar site) but I wont link it for speculation sake.

True Mountains Adored this site, it was abruptly shut down as a 'social experiment'. I had one of my Goldenfeather wolves here, I do not recall the name as the rpg was very short lived. I believe this was also owned or created by the same owners or someone from Myth (kinspecies myth). (Anyone remember this website?)

Myth I was not a member very long on this site, but I did have fun and I cannot remember any of my characters unfortunately....There was also a realistic wolf site that was either owned by the same person or group of people and I think this was a spin off of that or someone whom also played at bot h I cannot remember. If you know the other rpg I am talking about please email me this will drive me nuts until I can remember it D:

Horizon Joined for a short time and had a great time but due to life related issues could not keep the commitment. This rp is still around though check it out.