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Wells of information, depending on where you are at in your learning, these may or may not be of any help, as always discern carefully- Truth is truth, it proves itself. (Although these are good resources I do not necessarily promote, condone or in any way/shape/form uphold these as complete and true. Hence the discern carefully. And always compare with your own bible.)

Ark Discovery - Biblical locations/News
The Season (This has great studies and information)
British Israel (Feasts, holidays, etc)
Health Impact News (Health topics, media censored health news, etc.)
The Talking Pot (Illuminati, current culture)
Very Dumb Government (Current news, government, satanists & occult)
Henry Makow (Current news, government, satanists & occult)
Institute for Historical Research(Historical research & information)
Sacred-Texts (Sacred texts, canon and non canon works & various culture history/myth and lore)
Educate Yourself (Current news, government, satanists & occult)
Red Ice Creations (Current news, government, satanists & occult)
Vigilant Citizen (Current news, government, satanists & occult) (Wide range of information health, government, etc. Some iffy articles but overall informative and interesting)
Freeman Tv (Current news, government, satanists & occult)
Mystery of the Iniquity (Current news, government, satanists & occult with a biblical stand point)
Ordinary Evil(Sexual abuse and information)
Pheugo (Dan Mitchell) (Interesting reads)
Christian Answers
Gospel Hour Transcripts
Supersummary (Folklore/Mythology Guide)

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