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Birth Control

Movies and media portray often that having a birth (a child born) control (control of having children born) to be a good thing. Comedians make jokes about it, recently I watched about five minutes of a sketch in which the comedian stated he turned 30 and with that came serious news, such as his friends calling him saying they have babies. The skit goes on to make it sound to be a horrid thing to have children and that he was 'free' and able to do as he wished. It was disgusting to say the least, to those who see life as a gift - and children as a blessing and inheritance.

A while ago I decided to completely stop taking my birth control (Norethindrone/Ethinyl estradiol (Loestrin)). And I will admittedly say how stupid I am for taking it in the first place. Aside from the side effects, in which I will get to further in this article- the absolute most horrid thing was happening. It was causing me to miscarry.

The definition of 'life' to some is upon conception, others only see life out of the womb and do not consider a fetus or any stage of it 'life'. Not even conception, although if you were to take it to the cellular DNA level - that little 'blob' would have its own genetic make up from it's parents, already at work determining its entire makeup, and it's return would in fact be HUMAN DNA MATERIAL.
At the instant of fertilization, your baby's genes and sex are set. If the sperm has a Y chromosome, your baby will be a boy. If it has an X chromosome, the baby will be a girl. WebMB, Conception:
However upon looking into the bible in regards to this matter I realized, God knows us before we are even born.
Jeremiah 1:5 Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.
This proved even further my own stupidity and gullibility of health care providers (I however take 100% blame, I should have looked into this matter beforehand, thoroughly, before taking any prescription. And I strongly advise this to anyone considering any type of prescriptions.)

Aside from the shocking fact that birth control causes you to miscarry; potentially aborting your baby, the health affects were another concern. A few months into taking the pill, I started to notice how heavy my menstrual cycles were, and depending on what 'color' or 'week' of hormone I was on, the mental side affects were also a cause for concern. I started to feel crazy, there is no other way to explain it. I felt mentally ill, depression would come and go depending on what 'week' of pills I was on. At times I would get nausea for no reason, unexplained headaches (although not as common as the other symptoms).

And then came the day when I noticed a strange 'clot', it was not like any clot I have ever seen in my entire life. I decided to look up early miscarriages and compared with others, it was remarkably similar. I had to ask myself, what was going on? I decided to look further into my birth control pills, while there are some claims that there is no evidence that birth control causes you to miscarry, I would have to disagree.

The Cause

You only have to understand how birth control works to understand how it causes a miscarriage. Anyone with common sense can certainly ingest, retain and understand;

Birth controls claim that they mainly stop pregnancy by preventing ovulation (the release of an egg) in the first place. However further reading reveals what happens when the egg releases anyways - ovulation occurs. Birth control pills also cause the mucous in the cervix to thicken - this mucous makes it difficult for fertilized eggs (pregnancy) to happen by making it more difficult to attach to the cervix wall thus it aborts from the body. This naturally occurs, however if we are willing taking a medication that causes this to happen then we really must ask ourselves the morality of our actions that we are choosing to take.

Child Sacrifice

It's not a secret that birth control can cause abortion so why is it that this well known information gets ignored, misconstrued, and outright lied about? It reminded myself of the same question I had about the ancient sacrifices of children and babies to old gods for harvests or hopes of better things, although there are many other reasons and theories to why these things occurred. Regardless they all were driven by similar negative spirits. The spirit of fear, no matter the reason behind the act they are all motivated by the same reasons. Fear of what other people might think of you, fear of responsibility, fear of suffering, fear of what might happen if you don't. The fear of living with consequences, fear of reminders. But no matter how the life if conceived, it is still a life. Even by rape that isn't even the victims fault, but you must remember there were two victims in the incident as it was not the child's fault either. You don't counter evil with another evil. Fear has driven many to sacrifice their child.

In regards to mentally handicapped, and others born with deformities/health issues. The principal of "It is better to suffer evil, than conflict it." is fundamental in moral reasoning. A lesson from, on the tough question of; is it better for deformed or handicapped children never to be born?

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