Writing: Abuse Relationships

by Leah on Dec 20,2017

Mind control techniques often use nerve stimulation. It is no wonder why our nerves play a big part in our lives in regards to abusive relationships too.

Nerves connect mind with our body in the sense of feel. When something is physically painful, it strikes a nerve. The same is commonly said when someone intends to verbally ‘strike a nerve’.

Electro shock is a common form of physical nerve stimulation to assist in mind control. It is practiced in many parts of the world. A relationship with verbal abuse for example, can have similar affects of nerve stimulation that result in control at seemingly small but surprisingly effective levels.

The most obvious forms of abuse are the physical and mental abusive relationships that result in one or more individuals being physically harmed.  But even simple persistent verbal forms of abuse such as raising ones voice, name calling, accusatory etc., can have someone on edge and have proven effective in controlling another.

This individual will even have the obedience when away from their controller. Because inside, their nerves are being raked with the form of verbal control that is within their mind. For example, feeling the urgency to get back to them to avoid physical and or mental/emotional harm.

It’s interestingly emphatically pathetic, but just goes to show you one of the many depths of Character of mankind.

*This was a short study on physical and mental relations for creative writing and storytelling research information was gathered privately from observations as well as from various news reports and other informative data regarding abuse and mind control historically and presently.